I would highly recommend Arlene Strauch.  She helped me through my darkest days.  She reminded me of who I am in Christ.  She taught me to discern the lies and focus on God’s truth.  I use the tools she taught me almost daily.  She provided a safe haven for me to share and heal.  She went above and beyond to help me.  She’s honest, real, and her caring spirit shines through every session.  I thank God for leading me to her!

Arlene’s ability to listen without judgement while offering words of truth and encouragement is really refreshing. I think that is hard to find in Christian counseling.

Working with Arlene helped me better communicate with my wife. During our sessions, it was made clear that our perceptions were very different.  Arlene gave us the tools to find that “common ground”.

My life didn’t go as I had planned and it was nothing like what I had dreamed of. These circumstances brought me to my knees before God. Arlene was there to guide me through a process of sifting out Lies and self-doubt and learning how to live in the Truth. I am thankful that God brought me to a counselor who not only listened to my hurts but prayed with me; used biblical examples and her own life experience; and who reminded me that Jesus is the number one true healer.

Arlene is able to add the power of Christ into the counseling sessions. That added power creates an amazingly, powerful experience and over the course of time I was able to feel his healing powers.

I’ve been to several counselors who were all very helpful but Arlene’s approach was the most helpful of all.  She helped me connect with the Holy Spirit so that now I have a counselor with me all the time!

A few years ago I was facing a personal challenge, one that filled me with such dread and anxiety that it was making me physically ill.  I spoke with Arlene, asking for her guidance and counsel.  I had regular sessions with Arlene over the course of three months.  Arlene’s practical perspective, calm demeanor, patience, encouraging words and steady faith helped me not only to manage my fear and anxiety, but to conquer my challenge head on.

It’s comforting to know that Arlene is there to guide me through life’s unwanted struggles with knowlege and love.

Arlene helped me recognize that my negative thoughts about myself were greatly impacting my depression.  I’m learning to listen to God so that I can see myself as He sees me and not as the world sees me.  I finally have real reason to hope!

Arlene Strauch has been a friend and colleague  in ministry for over 25 years.   I have served a large suburban church for over 25 years in Children and Family ministry. It has been so very helpful to have Arlene as a trusted referral for those I encounter who can benefit from counseling.   I have and will continue to refer people to Arlene for counseling with great confidence!   Those I have referred have been immensely helped.

I highly value the fact that Arlene knows that all healing ultimately comes from Christ.  Her counseling reflects this. She uses the tools of the trade with a deep reliance upon the Lord – and will work with her clients to help them see more of Christ and of his healing power.

We are blessed to have Arlene Strauch in our area and working in partnership with the Lord for healing and restoration.